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Adidas new shoe type POD-S3.1 has received a good market response since its debut last year. Recently, we will cooperate with the American trend store Social Status to bring a new joint version. The joint name is not only changing the color, but the design of the upper has also changed. Social Status x adidas POD-S3.1 Black adds a leather wrap to the original fabric and removes the three-bar logo to make the shoe look more advanced. The color scheme includes two black and white models, all of which are embellished in a variety of colors on the sole and neckline, making them more fashionable and avant-garde. In terms of technology configuration, POD-S3.1 uses the forefoot foam material + the back palm Boost technology, and the front and rear split midsole are connected in series by TPU, and the foot feels comfortable and unique.

New Jordan 2019 had exposed black and white Comme des Garçons Homme Plus x Air Jordan 1 to hate hatred As early as July. This long-awaited joint masterpiece has not been sold on a large scale so far, and has only been sold in small quantities in Japan, the United States, etc., and the volume is very scarce. Despite the Air Jordan 1 design, this double name does allow us to see CdG's disruptive design language. The body is made of soft, sturdy leather, complemented by deconstructed details, and the extended tongue design is particularly eye-catching. Both sides of the tongue Logo and uppers Air Jordan's flying wings logo is embossed with leather, showing the charm of leather. Look at the toe is not breathable, more like a pair of fashionable boots. It is worth mentioning that the leather metal straps at the upper can be removed to meet your various styles.

Among the many 2019 Cheap Jordan generations, the Air Jordan 9 can be said to have been quiet for quite some time. As a classic shoe type, it has once again returned to the public's field of vision, and it is also presented in a rather dazzling form. The Air Jordan 9 Gym Red is based on the classic Air Jordan 9 shoe model. There is no change in the shoe shape. The upper is mainly red and white. The delicate white leather is matched with the bright red patent leather. It is quite a few college teams. The temperament of the service. The sole and sideways are dotted with large and small Jumpman Logos, and the embroidered “23” numerals are used to highlight the Air Jordan identity.

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